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Fireball Taekwondo Academy (FTA) is a member of Taekwondo America (TA), a national organization with many participating schools across the United States. All schools that are members of the TA organization adhere to the same professional guidelines ensuring the high standards by which we teach, promote students in rank, and project our image and reputation within the community remain consistent from school to school, even though every TA school is not a franchise, but is independently owned.

Fireball Taekwondo Academy is a safe, positive, fun and family –oriented environment. Fireball Taekwondo believe that the Student Tenets of Taekwondo ─ Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit ─ apply to behavior in our school, home and education schools as well as general public area. We applied the Tenants on our workout floor.

Fireball Taekwondo Academy

We are part of a National Organization of Schools. Fireball Taekwondo is a member of Taekwondo America, a national organization with member schools across the United States. All schools adhere to the same guidelines and procedures, including standards by which we teach and advance in rank. TA has established a national reputation built upon our standard of excellence. Taekwondo America was formed in 1993. Since its formation, the organization has attracted some of the finest Taekwondo instructors in the United States.

Taekwondo America is a traditional style of the Chang Hun style (Blue Cottage style).

We follow the original tenets of taekwondo founding father General Choi Hong Hi, known as “the father of Tae Kwon Do” and teach the 24 hyung patterns

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Krav Maga Of Locust

Krav Maga of Locust is a safe and positive hand to hand self defense tactics system. We train hard with a focus on conditioning, fighting and cardio.

We are family oriented and we take our training seriously. Krav Maga of Locust is a franchising company of DTS Krav Maga of Harrisburg.

It's our goal to help prepare and condition you to be able to properly defend yourself in an emergency and become more successful in life by developing self confidence though exceptional self defense training.

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